Syed Brokerage & Capital’s experts have extensive experience in Mergers, Sales, Lending and Investments.

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Our global network of investment banking professionals, in the United States, Europe and Asia, work in a very close partnership with clients’ senior management and boards of directors to evaluate fundamental strategic goals. In addition, we have an outstanding track record of cross-border M&A transaction execution in more than 10 countries throughout the world. Syed Brokerage & Capital’s experts have extensive experience in Mergers, Sales, Lending and Investments. Through our well-organized, strongly managed process, we are able to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and minimizing management distraction. Our deep relationships with private equity and strategic investors, combined with our highly structured approach to the sale process, have consistently delivered superior results.

Client's Testimonials

Mehmood is a high quality and strongly committed Advisor. He has a marked determination and a solid capacity to manage complex transactional work in stressful situations, always maintaining a clear vision of the target and of the priorities. It is always a pleasure to work with him.
I worked with Mehmood together in different projects. I must admit that he is one of the top professionals in Mergers and acquisitions I have worked. His analytical and advisory abilities help his clients to find a better object for mergers and acquisitions.
Mehmood Syed is definitely a thorough professional and having him as an advisor / consultant is well worth the money spent. I wish him all the very best in future endeavors
Mehmood H Syed is wonderful person with high esteem, great commitment and much dedicated to his job. My words are few to describe his versatile personality.
Mehmood Hussain Syed So Intelligent, hard worker and cooperation with his team , helpful , it is my pleasure to know someone like him
Mr. Syed; was very good helper in our past experience throughout our deal for the financial advice of restructuring my company ABAR Global’s expansion of business in the MENA and GCC. His report of advisory helped the company to grow 48% more of its previous turnover. Thanks a lot Mr. Syed and hoping more brightened future for you and more fruitful business relation together.
It has been a pleasure to work with Mehmood, he has been right on on all objectives!! A true professional!!
I am honored & pleased to recommend Mehmood Syed, He is an efficient, competent and qualified person. He has multidimensional management and communication skills, strong knowledge of his area of expertise.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mehmood Hussain SYED with his advisory role. His honesty is beyond reproach in an industry that requires confidentiality and mostly the ability to solve complex situations including crucial timing which resulted in my company Alexander Minerals Plc succeeding and achieving our business targets
Mehmood Hussain is an out of box thinker, creative and is detail oriented person. He is person who knows the art of maximizing the productivity with minimum or optimum effort with his unmatchable managerial efforts. He possesses in depth knowledge and sound decision making power as per the situations. The way he presents the facts is excellent. He would be an asset to the organization with which he will get attached. I recommend him 100% to the employers who really need sincere and hardworking guys towards achievement of his goal. WISH HIM ALL THE BEST FOR HIS FUTURE
Mehmood has proven to be a valuable asset in doing business planning for the future of our company.
Mehmood’s expertise proved to be highly impactful and brought an immediate added value. With style and determination, Mehmood works out state-of-the-art solutions and ensure all details are implemented. He truly cares and makes the difference, and that counts in today’s business.
Mehmood is a serious, no-nonsense person. He is focused on getting things done. Time and resources constraints do not faze him. It takes great courage to take the positions he does. He is reasonably prudent, talented and results-oriented and very ethical
I strongly recommend Mehmood Syed, to any business man who needs financial Adviser
On behalf of my employer I did various deals and transactions with Mehmood’s firm where he was key person and front man. During my association with his firm i found him very professional, intelligent, hardworking and deliverable man
Mr. Hussain’s research is very well prepared. The type of analysis he does is often very time intensive, and I have seen few analysts who are as well prepared and who produce the record of success Mr. Hussain has repeatedly demonstrated
Mr. Mehmood is an expert at what he does. He has in-depth understanding of the Global Financial Markets and provides top-notch forecasts. I believe that he would be a great resource for any institution looking for some financial advice
While, I have known Mehmood H. Syed for just under 1 year, but I must say that he is one of the most kind and sincere people. I have ever met. Mr. Syed’s attention to detail and willingness to give is unsurpassed.
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