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Syed Brokerage & Capital’s experts have extensive experience in Mergers, Sales, Lending and Investments.

Syed Brokerage & Capital has the comprehensive array of the proficient facilities aiming on both middle-market and smaller business transactions:

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Business Valuation
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To maintain and constantly grow our industry-specific knowledge across multiple, different fields, we observe and analyze the latest market trends and forecasts, and we network with each industry’s thought leaders and change agents. Our experience enables us to bring a strategic and beneficial perspective to our clients in every industry we serve:

At Syed Brokerage & Capital, we understand that each single transaction is Different. As a result, our focus to each engagement is personalized to fit the specific financial, industry, or other circumstances in an effort to accomplish the most favorable end results. Throughout the entire acquisition or sale, we work closely with our clients to ensure an efficient process that minimizes disruption in their organizations.

Syed Brokerage & Capital has extensive experience in assisting family-owned businesses, portfolio companies of private equity firms and divisions of large corporate parents with regard to the sale/divestiture of middle market companies. We also advise clients relative to their growth strategies and provide with the evaluation and execution of targeted acquisition transactions.

The Process

There are multiple processes to sale or acquisition transactions at the Syed Brokerage & Capital:

Understanding the Client's Need

We spend a lot of effort in understanding our client’s objectives – We invest the time and energy to comprehend our client’s exact situation so that all of the potential strategic and financial options can be evaluated and a clear game plan established.

Business Valuation

Valuation is an important step – Our firm has a substantial amount of knowledge in the valuation of privately owned businesses throughout a wide range of industries. We conduct an extensive analysis of the business as well as evaluate industry trends and numerous other factors in order to inform our clients as to the likely range of value they can expect.


We conduct an in-depth business review – In order to place our clients in the maximum advantageous position, we dedicate the time and resources to recognize the details of the business and industry. This effort is important to finding the aspects that need to be emphasized to specific buyers and anticipating potential areas of weakness that may require explanation or further analysis.


The processing and development of marketing document – In combination with our review of the business, we organize a detailed information memorandum that presents the business in a captivating manner.

Target Identification

Identifying prospective buyers – We access multiple resources and proprietary databases in order to locate and qualify the most likely strategic and financial buyers for any given situation.

Syed Brokerage & Capital Co Services

Lastly the negotiations and closing progression – Syed Brokerage & Capital’s bankers have extensive experience in tackling the numerous issues that arise during the development of any transaction process. We represent our client’s interests throughout all of their negotiations in order to avoid any decline in value during a buyer’s due diligence and to ensure that purchase agreement terms are fair and reasonable.

Syed Brokerage & Capital’s bankers have extensive experience.

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